Commercial & Industrial Painting based in Tyler, Texas

The skilled team at Braswell Paint understands the time constraints and productivity pressures commercial and industrial businesses go through on a daily basis. After all, we've seen our fair share of them from the inside while we painted them top-to-bottom.

Our goal is to make sure we never impact your workflow or disrupt your office environment more than is necessary to complete our job in a prompt and professional manner. No matter the shape or size of your office or facility, we provide commercial and industrial painting services to our Tyler and East Texas clients that will impress both your clients and your staff.

Our Tyler, Texas commercial and industrial painting team knows what's needed to reinforce the durability and aesthetics of your property, with protective coatings as well as decorative finishes. Contact Braswell Paint today to find out how we can restore your commercial or industrial structure to its original splendor, and preserve it for years to come.

Taping & Texturing for East Texas

Practically every interior wall and ceiling is made from the same components. Yet, without the right team of professional painting contractors and craftsmen in East Texas handling the job, your business interior might turn out less than appealing.

Taping and texturing, when applied by expert painting contractors from Braswell Paint, can create clean and seamless surfaces for your office building, retail store, or manufacturing facility. You might not notice a perfect taping and texturing job when you first walk into a commercial or industrial space – but you'll definitely notice a poorly performed job.

Braswell Paint Company has decades of experience working with taping and texturing for businesses throughout East Texas. Contact us today to handle your office or facility and see why we've been trusted for so many years.

Pressure Washing in East Texas

Braswell Paint also offers pressure washing and cleaning services to commercial buildings and industrial facilities in East Texas. Sometimes, instead of a fresh coat of paint, a surface on your property simply needs a good washing. That's why we use cutting edge power washing equipment to blast away the dirt, grease, and other grime that accumulates as a result of your day-to-day business operations. Plus, pressure washing can also be used as a surface preparation method to be used prior to painting, or to strip old paint from your surfaces.

Whether it's your store front, parking garage, drive-thru, sidewalks, factory floor, heavy machinery, or other equipment, a quality power washing job from the skilled professionals at Braswell Paint can bring it back to looking good as new.

Vinyl Wall Covering

Braswell Paint offers vinyl wall covering solutions to our clients in Tyler and the greater East Texas area. In today's market, there are a vast array of colors, accents, and textures that come in the form of vinyl. They're hugely popular because of the multitude of options they provide, without breaking your renovation or new installation budget.

Through our more than five decades experience in the industry, we've seen trends in wall coverings come and go. We know our way around the application of vinyl wall coverings better than just about anyone else in the business – so call Braswell Paint today to learn more about how vinyl wall coverings can improve your business office, manufacturing facility, public institution, restaurant, or otherwise.

Specialty Coatings for East Texas

Braswell Paint Company also applies specialty coatings designed to meet specific performance criteria for our commercial and industrial clients in Tyler and East Texas. When the surfaces in your facility are often subjected to harsh conditions, high performance coatings composes of multi-component epoxies and urethane topcoats may be necessary to ensure durability and longevity.

Whether you need a specialty coating to increase the efficiency of your production or simply to enhance your safety precautions, you deserve the attention to detail paid by the professional painting experts at Braswell Paint Company. Call us today to learn more about our specialty coating solutions, and to find out which coatings will work best for your needs.

Waterproofing & Water Repellant Services in Tyler, Texas

Whether you're a commercial enterprise or a busy factory, the test of time often involves the trials and tribulations that come from water damage. At Braswell Paint, we've seen the toll water can take on a myriad of structures – that's why we offer waterproofing services to all our commercial and industrial clients in East Texas.

Surfaces like concrete walls, balconies, floors, structural steel, and more require waterproofing solutions capable of standing up to the elements while also expanding and contracting depending on their specific uses. Braswell Paint Company in Tyler, Texas provides our customers with a versatile range of waterproofing and water repellant coating application services to meet your business needs.

Areas We Service

Braswell Paint Company offers a wide range of paint contracting services to commercial and industrial clients in the Tyler, Texas and greater East Texas area. We also service NW Louisiana and we are a licensed contractor in LA. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced professionals!